You actually can collect twice as much dirt/ dust if you vacuum slow and clean the floor from side to side. Then turn 90 degrees and do it from side to side again. You actually need that turn on ninety degrees to clean all the debris that is flung onto the carpet from the vacuum. Your home will stay cleaner longer. If your picking items up while you vaccum that too will cause ectra debris to be flung. 

I challenge everyone the next time you vacuum – go from wall to wall once a week, high traffic areas every other day. Work in a slow motion to gather more. 

Adding a vacuum robot is life changing. We currently have two in our home and they run everymorning. The downstairs vacuum runs before anyone is out of bed. SCORE!! Thats right one chore of the day is already completed before my feet hit the floor.  Look into adding a robot vacuum to your home…I know they are pricey , but they are life changing. 

There is many tricks to eliminate dust…. and I will share a few more. 

How Do I Reduce Dust In Our Home?

Many family members suffer from alleries and its very important to keep dust away. Thats easier said than done. 

In a recent article I read – The average home holds 40 lbs of DUST a year. FORTY POUNDS!! Where does it all come from ? Most often that dust is DEAD SKIN, especially in the winter months, but thats not all.  We also have animial dander, carpet fluff, clothing fibers, dirt tracked indoors. While no amount of cleaning will ever completely remove the dust in your home, but these steps will help. Adding a weekly or bi weekly cleaning technician will also help greatly.

  • Remove Your Shoes Inside the Home
  • Add A Sturdy Mat at the front and back door ( stop dirt at the doors!)
  • Change HVAC filter every 3 months
  • Clean the Air Ducts 
  • Bed Cleanings
  • Humidify to reduce dust 
  • Minimize Clutter – clutter attracts dust 


A huge collection of dust is located right inside OUR BED! I know right it makes me sick to think about as well. We are laying and breathing for atleast 8 hours a night in a clean bed ….we think. 



WEEKLY:  Sheets and Pillowcases 

MONTHLY: Mattress covers, duvat covers and uncovered comforters.

SEASONALLY: Duvet inserts, bed skirts, bedspreads and pillows. 

Top Notch Cleaning will be focusing on BEDS …. in the next MARCH. Starting in MARCH you can schedule a DEEP CLEANING to BEDS. 

A Deep Cleaning to BEDS?   What are the benefits ….. you ask. 

Steam cleaning will get rid of stains, sweat, urine and dirt… most important kill bed bugs and dust mites. The steam will also disinfect it and remove allergens.  While performing the deep clean we will be washing bed sheets. Comforters we ask that the client has it professinally cleaned.  Beds will be moved out and everything cleaned. 

I choose to clean naturally with steam. Superheated low – moisture steam is the best way to remove and kill.  Mattress cleanings are lengthly – after the cleaning the mattress needs to dry for 4 hours afterwards.  Steam cleaners do not leave behind a lot of moisture, however a bit may be trapped inside your mattress due to heavy steaming on stains.  



To Schedule your DEEP CLEANING of your mattress. 


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